Every time you think the right-wing personalities could not possibly become dumber, one of them opens his/her mouth and proves that there is something in the water they drink that is killing their few remaining brain cells. This time the award goes to Rush Limbaugh, who has accumulated so many of the official Dumb and Dumber awards that he needs to build a new wing to his home.

In a recent show, Limbaugh goes off on Pope Francis because he is coming to America and plans to give a mass in Spanish to a Spanish audience; and of course, Spanish is Pope Francis’ natural language. Limbaugh sees this as a purposeful attempt to undermine America and Donald Trump’s anti-Spanish immigration message. Limbaugh thinks the Pope is sending a hidden message to Spanish speaking people that will cause them to suddenly conspire against good, Christian, white, men in an unholy war.  Thank goodness for Limbaugh and his followers that they still have their assault rifles to fight off his anti-Christ Francis.

If you would like to listen to Limbaugh’s drug induced nonsense, we provide you the audio below, which we thank Media Matters for providing: