Unlike Republicans who claim such, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) actually cares about military veterans. Sanders gave a scathing criticism of war hawk Republicans and explained why he opposed the Iraq War.

“War should be, in my view, the last resort of a great nation,” said Sanders. “We should explore every other option — and I know that opens up the political types: ‘Oh, you’re wimpy. You don’t want to go to war.’ Well, I don’t accept that. I’ve talked to too many people who came home without legs, without eyesight, with traumatic brain injury.”

Despite criticism by Republicans, Sanders has spent much of his career fighting for veteran health benefits, job programs for veterans, and better educational opportunities. Last year, he helped pass a bill that allocated $17 billion to reform the VA health care system and reduce VA hospital backlogs.

While the GOP war hawks bicker about war and talk about how liberals are anti-war “wimps,” people like Sanders are actually taking steps to make the lives of veterans better. If anything, Republican war pimps are the spineless ones.