In June, Ring of Fire published the below story. We have just received an update from the sister of the rejected vice-presidential candidate, and thus wanted to update the story.

Original Story – June 27, 2015

Ring of Fire has received exclusive information that Donald Trump has officially rejected his first potential VP running mate.  It is six-year-old female border collie Chaser Pilley.

You possibly recognize Ms. Pilley as the canine that knows more than 1,000 words, including 800 stuffed animals, 116 balls, 26 Frisbees, and other assorted items. A book was published about Ms. Pilley last year called: “Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words.” Apparently, The Donald became aware of Ms. Pilley because he liked the cover of the book, as The Donald stated: “Bitches love me.”

The Donald refused to comment why he rejected Ms. Pilley as a potential running mate.  Ring of Fire was able to reach Ms. Pilley who responded:

I would not have been upset by the fact he was afraid that I would upstage him with my political knowledge, but his questioning regarding on which side of the border I was born, and whether any of my ancestors could be Chihuahua, were highly offensive. I tried to explain to him that the fact that I am a border collie does not mean that I was born near the US-Mexican border, or that collies have any connection with Chihuahuas, but he either did not believe me or could not understand.

Ring of Fire will keep you informed of any new developments with GOP potential vice-presidential running mates.

Update: September 4, 2015


We didn’t realize that Chaser was throwing her hat into the ring until we just found your article.

We appreciate you sharing Chaser’s POV and her frustration with the Donald.  She is a full border collie and has the papers to prove it, which she made available to the Donald.  However, she was met with continued frustration, as he insisted she was a Chiwawah. (Sorry for the phonic spelling, Chaser insisted that was correct….her ego is bit out of control these days)  She was thrilled that you did cover her story with complete accuracy and applauds the free press. She is now a confirmed democrat and will support the eventual Democratic candidate.  Bravo, or Brava….

Warm wishes,

On Chaser’s behalf,

Deb Pilley Bianchi