When some right-wing religious bigots got in hot water over their discriminatory beliefs, the go-to measure in the past was to start a crowdfunding campaign. Kim Davis should be prevented from enjoying such support because GoFundMe recently stopped allowing campaigns that support these bigots, reported Addicting Info.

According to GoFundMe:

We are also informing users that GoFundMe reserves the right to share the content from a deleted campaign with law enforcement, donors or stated beneficiaries who wish to file a police report about any misuse of fundraising proceeds. The added language can be found below:

By using GoFundMe, Users are representing and warranting that all donations received are being given and being used solely for the purpose(s) stated within the content of the User’s campaign.  We reserve the right to provide information relating to your campaign with donors and beneficiaries of your campaign, and with law enforcement or to assist in any investigation.

The website also has a firm policy against raising money for campaigns: “in defense of formal charges or claims of heinous crimes, violent, hateful sexual, or discriminatory acts.” Refusing to honor marriage licenses to same-sex couples surely counts as a discriminatory act.

Christian-ran-shop owners in the past raked in millions of dollars off GoFundMe after being shut down for discriminating against same-sex couples. This time, however, such discrimination will not receive support from GoFundMe. Kim Davis must not have been aware of this change when she pulled this stunt.