Bill O’Reilly predictably declined from doing real journalism and pressing Dick Cheney on his roles in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, O’Reilly gave Dick Cheney a platform to attack President Barack Obama for the Iranian nuclear deal.

“No sane person thinks this Iranian nuke deal benefits the west,” said Bill.

Cheney then went on to attack Obama and brag about his Middle East prowess.

Dick Cheney: I’m saying [Obama’s] weak. He conveyed that sense of weakness…

Remember, Bill, how we have dealt with proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East before. 1981 Saddam Hussein had a program going …the Israelis took it out, military force. 1991, we went in with Desert Storm, we shut down his nuclear program then: military force. When we went in, in ’03 and took down Saddam Hussein himself, one of the byproducts of that was Muammar Qaddafi saw what we did to him and he immediately surrendered his nuclear materials. …And then we went and got A.Q. Khan because he’s the guy who had supplied the Libyans with nuclear materials.

… The fact of the matter is there’s a well-established pattern in the Middle East of dealing with these problems through the use of force or the realistic threat.