Chris Christie has always been a bully, but more and more of the public are acknowledging what a terrible politician he is. Christie is aware of this, so when a foible of his past is brought to his attention, he can do little more than berate and attack the person pointing out his flaw. The alternative, Christie has no recourse for. Christie cannot allow people to see that he is completely bankrupt on sound political theory, and that he is little more than an exploitative blowhard.

During a speaking event in Manchester, New Hampshire on Aug. 29, 2015, a woman in attendance asked Christie about a comment he had previously made.

“Do you really believe that humans exhaling carbon dioxide contributes to climate change,” she asked.

Christie was quoted as having said previously, “The climate’s been changing forever, and it will always continue to change. Does human activity contribute to it? Of course it does. We all contribute to it in one way or the other. By breathing, we contribute to it.”

When confronted with his statement, Christie could do little more than try to denigrate the young woman. He couldn’t confront the issue itself.

“Give me my microphone back,” Christie said, snatching the microphone from the girl.

“I really care about this subject,” she said.

“I know you really care about this subject, but you know what, the first thing you need to do is not be wrong, and not quote me incorrectly. I never said that humans contribute to climate change by breathing,” Christie said.

The young woman cited the time and place where he said it.

“I never said it,” Christie responded. “Were you there?”

She answered that she was in fact at the event and that she heard Christie said it.

“Then you need to clean out your ears, young lady,” Christie continued. “I never said that humans contribute to climate by breathing. Ridiculous statement. I never said that.”

Watch the exchange below.