White supremacists and neo-Nazi groups absolutely love Donald Trump. They can identify with his fear and hatred of immigrant and minority people easily and find the seeds of their own beliefs in the words of the billionaire presidential wannabe.

A recent article from Alternet explains just why white supremacists want to give Donald Trump a big, warm hug:

The grim reality is the GOP doesn’t need minority votes to win. Trump knows it. The Republican party knows it. And the media knows it but is too busy feigning outrage – and holding to the myth of “courting Hispanics” – to point out this political reality. Indeed, the GOP doesn’t need a “big tent”, it just needs a bigger tent – preferably one armed to the teeth with racists and subsidized by billionaires.

More and more, this dynamic is on display among Trump’s white nationalists supporters, who, over the past couple of weeks have been coming out of the closet — showing up at rallies and lending their passionate support. Alone, these incidents could be written of as nut-picking, but when added up – and coupled with Trump’s inability to speak out against these excesses (if not sometimes embracing them) – it’s a serious trend that should frighten anyone concerned for the future of already [sic] republic.

So when you look at Trump’s strategy and hesitance to strongly condemn white supremacists and extremists who support him, it becomes obvious what his real strategy is. Donald Trump intends to win the Republican nomination, and hopefully the White House, not by bringing minorities into his constituency but by enraging and engaging angry white people in larger and larger numbers.