Mike Huckabee is a one-issue candidate, and for him no issue is more important that stopping women from having control of their bodies. In a recent Google Hangout, Mike Huckabee talked about his desire to outlaw abortions entirely in the United States. He’s also yet to rule out the idea that he would use armed federal agents to enforce those bans.

Huckabee talked about the need to extend the Constitutional right to life to zygotes and doing so would certainly cause a push-back:

I think that the bolder and more important and more urgent position is to invoke the Constitutional rights of the unborn, recognize them as persons, expecting lawsuits, expecting extraordinary pushback, and goodness, perhaps riots in the streets.

Huckabee went on:

I think we have tinkered around the edges so long that we failed to go back to the original purpose of the Bill of Rights and we have simply not applied it. Frankly, I don’t know of any of us who are pro-lifers who would argue, “Well, that is really not a person,” so the question is: Do we believe that the unborn child is a person? If we do, then we ought to act like that is a person and give them the protections that they are due under the Constitution.

Watch the full Huckabee Hangout below.