The former State Department employee who helped Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton set up her private email server pleaded the fifth to a House committee regarding Benghazi, reported the Huffington Post. We wouldn’t be surprised if this was an intentional move to damage Clinton’s campaign.

The former employee, Brian Pagliano, wrote a letter to the House committee declaring that he will not testify at a hearing scheduled for next week. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), ranking Democrat in the Benghazi committee, confirmed the letter to fellow Democrats.

Cummings noted the unsurprising nature of the letter because the allegations against Clinton are “wild and unsubstantiated accusations.”

An investigation into Clinton regarding her response to the Benghazi incident in 2012 was widened to include Clinton’s private email use. There’s probably nothing incriminating against Clinton if Pagliano testified, which makes us suspicious that he’s trying to hurt the candidate’s campaign.