The gloves are off in the bout between Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Jeb Bush as they launch political attack ads at each other. This race is just a reignition of an old feud dating back to the 90s, reported CNN.

In 1998, when Bush was governor of Florida, Trump wanted to build a casino in Florida, so he gave $50,000 to the governor in hopes that Bush would approve a proposal that allowed gambling in Florida. Bush remained firm on his anti-gambling stance and Trump didn’t get his Florida casino.

“I am opposed to casino gambling in this state and I am opposed whether it is on Indian property or otherwise … The people have spoken and I support their position,” Bush said in 1999.

Trump has bragged about contributing to candidates and getting what he wants. He’s had some success in that regard with most everyone except for Bush. Trump held a fundraiser for Bush in 1997, and still received no political help in building a Florida casino.

It’s likely that the battle between Bush and Trump is personal. Bush is a hardline, anti-gambling conservative, and Trump is a billionaire who buys people like Bush. The war between these two is far from over.