Haven’t we had enough of James O’Keefe? The conservative provocateur held a press conference yesterday in which he attempted to reveal “corruption” in the Clinton campaign. In reality, O’Keefe just looked like a whiny punk.

From Salon:

Professional troll James O’Keefe has been teasing journalists for weeks about an undercover operation that could take down Hillary Clinton – I’ve received four “email blasts” from O’Keefe’s Project Veritas about these videos in the past 48 hours alone – so I was surprised that the “trickle-down corruption” he’d come to expose amounted to a Project Veritas operative buying a few Hillary-themed t-shirts for a Canadian.

You read that right – O’Keefe’s own operative captured herself, on camera, illegally purchasing the shirts on behalf of a Canadian and this, O’Keefe claimed, demonstrates the criminal mendacity of the Clinton campaign.

Moreover, Compliance Manager Erin Tibe is actually shown on the video refusing to allow the Canadian woman – who O’Keefe insisted at the press conference that he didn’t know, and whose identity is still a mystery to him – to make the purchase. It’s the Project Veritas operative who says, “but she traveled all the way from from Canada to support Hillary, you could give her, she’s paying cash.”

Journalists at the press conference were not thrilled at the news O’Keefe was breaking.

Watch a takedown of O’Keefe below.