Earlier this week, Dekalb County police officers in Atlanta, Georgia, responded to a call of suspicious activity. However, they arrived at the wrong house, shot the homeowner and his dog, and apparently shot a fellow officer, reported WAVE 3.

Officers responded to a possible burglary and arrived at the home of Christopher McKinley. Without an exact address, the officers stopped at a random house they thought matched the description made in the call. They entered the home through an unlocked back door, and two officers shot and killed the dog.

Next, they shot McKinley in the leg, and apparently shot Officer Travis Jones in the hip, said officials with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI). The officials said in a statement: “Early investigation indicates that the injured officer was likely shot accidentally by one of the other officers on the scene.”

Tama Colson, McKinley’s neighbor, was coming home from a walk when she saw speeding officers and heard gunshots coming from McKinley’s house. Colson said she heard McKinley yelling: “They shot me and they shot my dog!”

“He told me they were in the house watching television when they heard something in the backyard,” Colson said. “The husband gets up to check, opens the door and he just sees shooting. He gets hit and his dog is dead.”

Ring of Fire gets it. It’s very dangerous being a police officer, and we need officers for public safety. However, the degree of untrained and incompetent police officers is becoming an epidemic. These officers didn’t have the correct address, picked a random house, entered unannounced through a door, and started shooting. What’s worse is the only reason they likely will face consequences is because they shot a fellow officer and the story has become public.