The Democrats may not be plagued with the same problems as Republicans, but there are still more than a few issues that the Party needs to address.

Anonymous fundraisers and political strategists have come forward claiming that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to put an end to Joe Biden’s presidential run before it even begins.

According to the sources, and reported by the Associated Press, Clinton’s team is trying to convince Party leadership and wealthy donors to pledge their support to her, thus preventing Joe Biden from having a fighting chance should he choose to enter the race.

Clinton’s campaign is absolutely terrified that Joe Biden will enter the Presidential race as his campaign could easily erode the support that Clinton is getting from the Party’s establishment. And that’s not coming from anonymous sources, that’s pretty much what Clinton told the Democratic National Committee at the Party’s summer summit last week.

Clinton told the gathered crowd that she was the only one capable of building something sustainable for the Party, and that if they put her on the ticket, she would help rebuild the Party from the ground up. She also took a jab at Bernie Sanders, saying that some candidates might be in this race fighting for an ideology, but Clinton is in it to protect their livelihood and their families – referring to the members of the DNC who were at that speech.

BUT THAT’S THE PROBLEM, and it came directly out of Hillary’s own mouth.

Hillary Clinton is NOT fighting for an ideology, she’s fighting to keep her Party’s leadership – their status quo – in power. Those old guard leaders who have been in power since her husband occupied the White House are the same ones who encouraged her husband to repeal Glass Steagel – a move that helped usher in an all new era of Wall Street greed and corruption that crippled our economy and destroyed the livelihoods of America’s middle class. This is the same establishment that stood by Bill Clinton’s policies that helped pack prisons disproportionately with African Americans. And these are the people that Hillary Clinton – in her own words – is fighting for.

Even though we’ve still got more than a year before the election, both of the major political parties are facing massive problems. The Republican Party has lost control of its message and can no longer hide their racist followers; while the Democratic Party is being exposed as a pro-corporate, pro-establishment Party that is perfectly fine with using the American public to serve their own selfish goals.

This is why Bernie Sanders is closing in on Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire. The public is desperate for a candidate that will fight for them, and not for special interests. Hillary Clinton has fallen in the polls just as she did in 2007 when people began hearing the populist talk coming from then-Senator Barack Obama. History is repeating itself right now, and the Democratic Party needs to wake up and realize that they can’t be the party of Republican Light. They either need to fight for the people, or go ahead and switch over to the GOP. There’s no more room in the Democratic Party for corporatist sell outs.

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