It’s a great idea. The nation with crumbling infrastructure – bridges collapsing, roads in disrepair – needs to build giant walls spanning the width of a continent. What could possibly go wrong?

That’s the founding principle of the current conservative party: We hate everyone that isn’t white, Protestant and already here. Build a wall. But who is going to maintain that wall? Walls don’t just stand and last forever, they crumble too, just like the roads and bridges. They need maintenance.

Just like our current infrastructure, and wouldn’t that be a better idea? Rather than building a giant wall that will do little more than satisfy some crazed conservative idea of anti-immigration, let’s spend that money on repairing the roads and bridges that we have.

The American Society of Civil Engineers has estimated that the United States will require approximately $1.7 trillion worth of repairs to infrastructure by the year 2020.

That’s not going to happen if the GOP gets its way and we’re wasting our time and money on a bunch of walls we don’t need.