A university statistician discovered something suspicious about the accuracy of Kansas’ voting machines, reported the Wichita Eagle. Beth Clarkson, of Wichita State University, believes that last year’s election results were tampered with.

Clarkson is a certified engineer with a doctorate in statistics, and she said that patterns in last year’s election indicate that “some voting systems were sabotaged.” Clarkson requested Sedgwick County to release last November’s election results, but Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a close confidant of Gov. Sam Brownback, asked a judge to block the request. Clarkson is now suing.

“If we’re not being counted accurately, we’re losing our right to vote without even being aware of it,” Clarkson explained. “I don’t understand why those patterns are there, the patterns are very definitely real. But we don’t know what’s causing them or why they’re there. They do fit what would be expected if election fraud is occurring, and that’s very concerning.”

Clarkson said the voting machines can be easily hacked and that tampering is a possibility.