Donald Trump thinks that America is the most taxed nation in the world. He’s completely wrong in that summation, just as he couldn’t have been more wrong about what the unemployment rate was.

While being interviewed on Fox & Friends, Trump made the claim after having said that he had hedge fund manager friends who were not paying enough taxes.

“Look, we’re the most highly taxed nation in the world – that’s why taxes have to go down, business has to come back, jobs have to come back,” Trump said.

Politifact looked into the claim and found that Trump is way off:

Taxes accounted for 25 percent of the United States’ gross domestic product — but if that sounds like a lot, it was only enough to rank the United States 27th out of the 30 countries studied. The five with the highest percentages were Denmark, France, Belgium and Sweden, each of them with taxation accounting for more than 42 percent of gross domestic product. Only South Korea, Chile and Mexico had lower levels of taxation per GDP than the United States.

The World Bank also ranks the United States as fairly low in the ratio of taxation to GDP. In the end, one thing is obvious: Trump is wrong, again.

Watch David Pakman address this issue and Prove Trump Wrong: