Thank you, Bobby Jindal. Thank you for doing your part in the Republican party. As the sanctioned Donald Trump critic, we know that you’ll be of more service to the GOP than you could possibly serve if you were trying to be a legitimate politician.

Louisiana Governor, and wannabe Presidential candidate, Bobby Jindal has been trying to get attention for himself and his floundering campaign by taking shots at the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump.

On ABC this Sunday, Jindal said that Donald Trump was little more than a “summer of silliness” that should be ending soon. Jindal claimed that Trump has done a “great job of tapping into the anger” of the GOP.

“I think after we get past this summer of silliness and insults, the voters are going to begin to look at who is prepared to do the job,” said Jindal. “Who has the intelligence, who has the courage, who has the experience. I believe I’m the candidate best able to do this job on the first day.”

“Your campaign does not seem to be catching fire at all,” countered Martha Raddatz.