One of the leaders of the supposed rehabilitation center that Josh Duggar has checked into is under scrutiny for his involvement in helping another sexual predator avoid prosecution.

Patheos reports:

… Josh Duggar checked into Reformers Unanimous (RU), a Christian residential addiction treatment program in Rockford, Illinois, run by North Love Baptist Church and co-founded by the church’s authoritarian Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) pastor, Paul Kingsbury. Over the past twenty-four-hours, I have spoken with a number of individuals involved with or affected by either North Love or Kingsbury. Of primary importance are allegations that Kingsbury is actively supporting an accused sex offender, Richard DeVall, who is serving as a missionary in Bolivia and is sponsored by North Love Baptist Church. …

DeVall was accused in 2012 of committing sexual assault back in the 1990s at Bob Jones University; he was expelled and readmitted.

Devall’s victim reportedly contacted Baptist Pioneer Mission Agency, and asked that DeVall be returned to the United States so that he could face criminal charges. DeVall refused to return to the United States and indicated that the issue would be resolved biblically. The agency reportedly expressed that they would assist DeVall in staying abroad.

So what hope is there of Duggar receiving any sort of treatment or rehabilitation in this organization? None. Instead, it is apparent that the Duggars are trying to hide Josh and keep him from being exposed to public scrutiny – something the rehabilitation facility he has been sent to is very good at.