Alison Parker’s father says he will make it his mission to change gun laws in the United States.

Andy Parker has been telling reporters that he supports stronger gun law enforcement. During a recent interview with WDBJ, his late daughter’s employer, Andy said that he supports stronger laws and that gun shows should have to run background checks before they can sell a firearm.

While Andy Parker says he has received support from Governor Terry McAuliffe, has said that he is disappointed that he hasn’t heard from Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner. Andy is carrying a strong message that politicians need to take a stance against the NRA.

Andy’s mission is to make sure that his daughter’s death will not have been in vain.

Alison was killed last Wednesday when a former colleague of hers, Vester Flanagan, fatally shot her and cameraman Adam Ward while on assignment. The woman Parker and Ward were interviewing, Vicki Gardner, was also injured. Gardner lost her kidney and part of her colon as a result of being shot by Flanagan. Flanagan shot himself after being chased by police and later succumbed to his wounds.