Ted Cruz is eyeing to fill the extreme religious void that Donald Trump isn’t reaching. Cruz sent a prepared speech to thousands of pastors that preaches how people need to push Congress to defund Planned Parenthood.

From Cruz’s prepared sermon:

Proverbs provides clear insight into God’s character. He has a personal hatred for seven things. God judges them to be so odious that they are an abomination to Him. His character will never alow His hatred of an abomination to evolve into a toleration of it. His children should be resolved to reflect His character, not to redefine it.

Cruz goes on to explain the strict nature of God and alludes to abortion as the “dismembering of the bodies of the most vulnerable”:

When an individual or a nation stiff arms the character of God and embraces an abomination as the law of the land, it ends in disaster. When rebellious people disregard the compass of the most powerful, it is a very short step to dismembering the bodies of the most vulnerable. Like other nations, America has taken that step. It is time for a turnaround.

Because of its rebellious nature, because America has disregarded the provisions of God, Cruz writes that it must be punished:

Recent videos exposing the gruesome practice of Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of the organs of babies from their mother’s womb… There must be a point in which the accumulative error of an evil decision thrust upon the nation by secularist jurists stops… pray for your Congressman and Senators to hear from God regarding the ending of the slaughter of the innovent. Let them know that you are praying for them, and you are expecting them to do the right thing. You will no longer tolerate any excuse then they have the chance to vote to end government sponsored support of the murder and dismemberment of babies in this session of Congress. God hate it. You can stop it. For God’s sake, make it happen.

Mindless babble from a mindless conservative, right? Except for the fact that pastors preaching Cruz’s sermon is violating the terms of its 501(c)3 nonprofit status. Churches and religious groups are not permitted to practice politics, this is what provides them with their tax-exempt status.

According to the IRS:

An organization will be regarded as attempting to influence legislation if it contacts, or urges the public to contact, members or employees of a legislative boy for the purpose of proposing, supporting, or opposing legislation, or if the organization advocates the adoption or rejection of legislation.

So how many churches are going to ignore that and preach Cruz’s sermon anyway?