Yesterday, Bernie Sanders stood before the Democratic National Committee and bluntly stated that the DNC is doing it wrong, and it cost them the elections last November; cost them to lose the U.S. House and Senate; and will cost them to lose the presidency in 2016.

Below are some of his quotes during his speech before the DNC:

The Democrats lost that election because voter turnout was abysmally low, and millions of working people, people of color and young people gave up on ‘politics as usual’ and stayed home.

. . .

With all due respect, and I do not mean to insult anyone here, that turnout, that enthusiasm will not happen with politics as usual.

. . .

Let me be very clear. In my view, Democrats will not retain the White House, will not regain the Senate, will not gain the House and will not be successful in dozens of governor’s races unless we run a campaign which generates excitement and momentum and which produces a huge voter turnout.

Watch Bernie Sanders entire speech before the DNC: