Donald Trump might not find it important to speak about the Virginia shootings that occurred during a live broadcast on Wednesday, or the fact that a fourteen-year-old held his teacher and fellow students hostage at gunpoint on Tuesday. He might not find it important to talk about income inequality, poverty, education, gun control, corporate malfeasance or international issues. However, he has found something he believes is utterly important, attempting to prove he doesn’t wear a toupee.

At a rally in Greenville, South Carolina, Trump felt the need to explain to the audience: “I don’t wear a toupee. It’s my hair.” He then asked a woman to come up on stage and inspect his hair. After looking at it, and lightly touching it (as if she was afraid to get bit by it), she announced: “Yes, I believe it is.”  Trump then replied: “Somebody’s got a very nice wife.”

Trump is so vain and offensive that he believes America is more concerned with his hair than the issues facing this country. How he is leading the GOP candidates is a very sad statement as to moral and intellectual decline of much of the Republican base.