The attorney of a former franchisee said that Subway was notified of Jared Fogle’s illegal sexual activities as far back as 2008, reported CBS News.

Former franchisee Cindy Mills met Fogle at an event and exchanged phone numbers, stated Mills’ attorney, Robert Beasley. Fogle allegedly began discussing paying minors for sex. This prompted Mills to contact Jeff Moody, head of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust.

Subway said it does not have a record of Mills’ complaints to Moody and diverted from any allegations made by the former franchisee. According to Beasley, Mills attempted to show Moody disturbing texts from Fogle. However, Moody refused to listen. Moody also reportedly said he dealt with similar comment about Fogle, saying the pitchman “met a teacher who would get him grounded.”

Beasley said Moody’s and Subway’s refusal to take Mills’ concern seriously “was confirmation that they knew about it.” Mills attempted to sue Subway, but the company maintains a “good bit of legal separation” between itself and Fogle.

Did Subway have knowledge that Fogle was committing illegal sex acts for several years? Currently, the sandwich chain is keeping it distance from Fogle after revelations that he paid minors for sex and possessed child pornography.