Governor Bobby Jindal plans to show graphic undercover videos of Planned Parenthood on his lawn this evening, as a response to protests against his efforts to defund the organization.

Jindal has stated that he plans to prevent Medicaid recipients from having access to Planned Parenthood’s services. In response to the release of heavily edited videos that tried to show Planned Parenthood selling body parts, Jindal has since opened a state investigation into the group.

“Many Planned Parenthood supporters, including President Obama and members of the White House, said they have not or will not view the horrific Planned Parenthood videos,” said Jindal’s office in a statement. “Planned Parenthood has a right to protest today, but Governor Jindal’s office will ensure that anyone who shows up will have to witness first-hand the offensive actions of the organization they are supporting.”

The videos were the subject of recent controversy, but they have since been dismissed as propaganda. It has been held that Planned Parenthood has violated no laws in the way it handles fetal tissue. Despite this, Planned Parenthood did apologize for the tone of the individuals from its organization that are seen in the video.

A spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood explained that Governor Jindal is doing little more than playing games with the health of the people of Louisiana.

“Governor Jindal isn’t even in Louisiana today, but he’s made sure to prove that he’s always ready to put politics before Louisianan’s health,” said Melissa Flournoy, Louisiana state director of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. “This stunt is proof he doesn’t have any real answers for the people of Louisiana. He is ready to cut health care for thousands of low-income women and men without batting an eye.”