Walmart announced that it will cease its sale of assault rifles and military-style weapons, reported the Huffington Post. The announcement is sure to anger the conservative, ammo-sexual types.

A Walmart spokesperson confirmed to the HuffPost on Wednesday that the retail chain will no longer sell “modern sports rifles” such as AR-15s or semi-automatic shotguns. “We’re focusing on firearms more associated with hunters and sportsmen,” said Walmart representative Kory Lundberg.

Walmart stated that the decision was based on changing customer preferences. However, the new CEO, Doug McMillon, is implementing an image overhaul of the company to make it appear “kinder” and “gentler.” Former Medtronic CEO, Bill George, said McMillon is “transforming Walmart in so many positive ways and broadening its appeal for customers and employees.”

Trinity Church in New York, which has been fighting Walmart in court over its gun sales, praised the company’s decision to stop selling assault rifles. “Trinity Church is very pleased to hear that Walmart will no longer sell the kinds of weapons that have caused such devastation and loss in communities across our country,” said Rev. Dr. William Lupfer.

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in America, if not the world. Their surprising commitment to stop selling assault rifles is a much-needed strike against the deadly American gun industry.