When the city of Seattle announced a new, city-wide minimum wage of $15 per hour, the conservatives at Fox News said it would cripple the area’s economy, reported Addicting Info. The latest jobs report from the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue MSA shows a completely different picture.

In July, the area’s food service industry added 2,500 new jobs, which is a record for a 30-day period. Below is a chart showing that growth, from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.


Proponents of trickle-down lunacy said the area would suffer “devastating losses” from a $15 per hour wage, but 3,700 jobs were added to the area economy in both the months of June and July.


Below is a Fox News segment by Stewart Varney in which he skews numbers and facts in order to portray the SeaTac minimum wage increase as bad policy. The only bad policy is the trickle-down policy that allows corporations and one-percenters to hoard endless amounts of money.