Upon hearing that a disgruntled news anchor shot and killed two former colleagues yesterday, conservative website Breitbart committed to its usual, race-baiting news coverage, reported Salon.

When Breitbart editor John Nolte found out that the shooter, Vester Flanagan, was black, he took the opportunity to exploit the race factor. “Race Murder in Virginia: Black Reporter Suspected of Executing White Colleagues,” his headline read.

White conservatives often deny the existence of white privilege and racism in America. Therefore, they take any opportunity they feel will place the race narrative in their favor. It usually backfires. The fact that white conservatives race bait, especially in this manner, just further proves the existence of institutional racism. Here’s the kicker: Salon also noted that Nolte called for the shooting of black rioters during the upheaval in Baltimore earlier this year.

The likes of Breitbart and Fox News are the world’s best examples of white conservative race-baiting. They don’t help the conversation. They only serve to divide the American people.