Susan Hawk, the newly-elected Republican Dallas District Attorney, hasn’t been to the office for three weeks, reported CBS News. Hawk has a past of dealing with addiction: could she be back in rehab?

Hawk’s assistants said she has been on vacation since August 3, but many prosecutors and staff at her office have not been notified of a return date, let alone her location. Dallas prosecutor Michael Casillas noted the unusual nature of Hawk’s disappearance, who left his position on August 21.

“I heard, the day I tendered my resignation, Aug. 6, a Thursday, that she was expected back the following Monday or Tuesday,” said Casillas. “Then I heard the same thing the next week. It was very odd to go tender my resignation and have to leave it on my desk.”

In 2013, Hawk broke from her campaign to get help for substance addiction. There are rumors that Hawk is back in rehab, but her political advisor, Mari Woodlief, told the Dallas Morning News that those rumors are false.