In spite of the fact that he’s sitting on the largest war chest of corporate campaign money, Jeb Bush is still trying desperately to stay relevant in the age of Donald Trump, and his latest plan could be the worst idea that he’s ever had. Jeb has decided that his best chance to win the public’s support is by having his brother – who is statistically one of the least-liked presidents in modern history – advocate on his behalf.

In a mailer late last week, George W. Bush told potential voters that Jeb has a tough road ahead of him, and that he would know as someone who has traveled that road before. W. also sought to ease conservative fears by telling voters that Jeb can certainly win, but not without their support.

The decision to bring the highly unpopular former President in the campaign marks a major turning point for Jeb’s candidacy. Just a few days before his brother’s pathetic attempt to convince voters that Jeb was a worthy candidate, Jeb was telling his few supporters that he was truly a Washington outsider, and that he wouldn’t even be able to navigate Washington, D.C. in a car because he knows so little about the area – because he’s an outsider.

Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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