A group formed for the sole purpose of preventing Chris Christie from being elected announced on Facebook that it intends to end as the Republican candidate has self-destructed.

On the Stop Chris Christie Facebook Page, the group’s treasurer Tom Bjorklund wrote about the group’s relationship to Christie. After explaining that the group had formed before Christie officially announced his candidacy and was not affiliated with the candidate, Bjorklund explained that the group was ending its efforts.

“Having clarified our intent when we established the Stop Chris Christie PAC, the point is rather moot, since we have every intention of stopping our PAC and closing within the next 30 days (on or before September 25, 2015),” Bjorklund wrote.

He continued:

Our decision … is based on recent polling and the miserable showing of the candidate in question (namely Chris Christie). Our committee believes that Mr. Christie has already performed the service of stopping his campaign in spirit, (without our aid) even if not by the letter of the law.

Christie currently hovers at the bottom of the polls, just barely leading Texas Governor Rick Perry.