Rev. Barry Lynn, the executive director for Americans United for Segregation of Church and State, angered Christian callers during a segment on CSPAN, reported RawStory. During the segment, Lynn used Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert (R) as an example to show why church and state should be separated after a caller accused Lynn of “speaking profanity” against God.

“He really shouldn’t have the reverend before his name,” said the caller of Lynn. “God is holy. Everything about the Word, his plan of salvation is holy. And what you need to realize is what you’re speaking here is profanities against the holiness of God.”

Lynn responded:

The argument that you are making was ironically made to me by a United States congressman named Louie Gohmert from the state of Texas when I was testifying about a year ago on the state of religious freedom in America. And I started by saying there’s a dizzying level of religious freedom in America. The people who have the most problem practicing it are people in minority religious groups, there are people who are non-believers, they are not Christians, born again or otherwise.