Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) criticized the media during a series of campaign events in New Hampshire, reported Politicus USA. The mainstream media has become a target as much as Wall Street crime.

“What the American people want is a media that looks at the real problems facing America and does not look at politics as though it were a football game or a soap opera,” said Sanders. While meeting with reporters in Conway, New Hampshire, he said the following to the media:

I want you to talk about and force discussion about climate change. Do you think you do that enough? I would like you to force discussion of poverty in America. I have talked over and over and over again that 51 percent of African-American kids are unemployed or underemployed. You think that’s an important issue? I do. Are you going to discuss it?

The American people want a discussion of the real issues. They don’t really care that Marco Rubio threw a football and hit some kid in the head. Not one of the great issues facing our society.

Sanders has a good point. The media focuses too much on unimportant issues and the gossip angle of American politics. Americans are tired of the nonsense news coverage.