Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is caught in a small legal bind. He can’t run for president and the Senate in the same election cycle, reported Addicting Info. However, he’s found a way to circumvent the law in order to keep his name twice on the ballot.

According to Kentucky state law, a candidate cannot appear two time on one ballot. Law dictates that Paul must either rescind his candidacy for president or his Senate seat in Kentucky. However, if he buys a presidential caucus, Paul will be able to skirt the law and remain on the ballot as a presidential and senatorial candidate.

The Kentucky’s Republican executive committee approved on Saturday a proposal to hold a presidential caucus in March with the intent of keeping Paul on the presidential and senatorial ballot simultaneously. There’s a hefty price tag, however. The estimated cost of the caucus is close to $500,000, and the Kentucky GOP has only $170,000 available to cover the cost.

Paul said he had given $250,000 to the Republican Party to cover the bill, but that was untrue, causing Paul to risk losing some support. Paul doesn’t want to be out of work, and the Kentucky GOP has their own selfish reasons.

“This is not about Sen. Paul in my mind,” said committee member Troy Sheldon. “This is about making Kentucky relevant. I think it’s the best thing for voters.”

Securing the caucus would ensure Paul’s place on the presidential and senatorial ballot. This move weakens the voters’ voice and further establishes the influence on money in politics.