The Florida state Supreme Court recently ruled against state Republican gerrymandering and ordered the Florida state legislature to redraw congressional districts. There’s one problem, however. The Florida GOP doesn’t know how to fairly redraw the lines without giving up their district advantage, reported Politicus USA.

The state of Florida has 27 congressional districts, each one which lines drawn to give the advantage to Republicans. Both chambers couldn’t come together last Friday as the House rejected a Senate-drawn map, and the Senate rejected a House-drawn map.

In a 99-3 vote, the Florida House voted not to extend the session and send the map back to the Florida Senate. But the Florida Senate voted to extend the session and sent a redrawn map back to the House. Florida is silly. Because the Florida state legislature is full of whiny failures, Judge Terry Lewis will redraw the lines.

The hearing to redistrict Florida will happen in September and hopefully Lewis can bring about some order to Florida’s dysfunctional legislature. Florida liberals have our sympathies.