Vice President Joe Biden met with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Saturday, presumably to discuss Biden’s potential presidential bid, reported Talking Points Memo. If that’s the case, then Warren is talking to the wrong candidate, potential or proclaimed.

Warren and Biden met at the Naval Observatory, the vice president’s official home, said an official close to the senator and VP. Both Warren and Biden weren’t authorized to speak publicly about the meeting and met on the condition of anonymity. Warren has yet to lend her much-coveted support to any candidate, but her meeting with Biden “was the latest sign that the vice president is seriously considering entering the race.”

Prior to the meeting with Warren, Biden held meetings with political aides to discuss how to launch a viable campaign against Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

After Warren affirmed that she wasn’t running in 2016, the Draft Warren super-PAC fizzled, and the Draft Biden super-PAC emerged shortly thereafter. That’s another sure sign that Biden may run.

However, why would Warren, a populist-progressive whose politics are similar to Sanders’, meet with Biden? Biden is part of the mainstream liberal Establishment that flirts with conservative politics. Warren meeting with Biden, instead of Sanders, about the 2016 election would be an odd and frightening thing.