For three consecutive years, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to launch attacks against Iran but was blocked each time, reported the Huffington Post. American conservatives, however, are still pushing their war-hawk agenda to attack Iran.  

In 2010, 2011, and 2012, Netanyahu and former Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak attempted to launch military actions against Iran’s nuclear facilities. However, they hit a different roadblock each year. In 2010, the Israeli military said they lacked the “operational capability” to launch an attack.

The next year, two Israeli security ministers met and discussed launching an attack, but they changed their mind. In 2012, Barak said “we intended to carry it out,” but it would have been bad timing. Israeli and American military forces were engaged in a routine joint military exercise.  

“You’re asking and demanding America to respect your sovereignty when making a decision to do it even if America objects and it’s against her interests, you can’t go in the opposite direction and force America in when they’re here on a drill that was known ahead of time,” Barak said.

The Israeli government finally realized that military action against Iran was out of the question. However, the Republican Party can’t seem to understand that.