Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), golden boy for the Koch brothers, is predicted to lose his own state by 10 points to Hillary Clinton, reported Vox.

According to the Marquette Law poll, only 25 percent of Wisconsin Republicans support Walker, a dramatic decrease from the 40 percent he received in April. The poll also found that “in a head-to-head matchup of Walker against Hillary Clinton, Wisconsin voters would opt for Clinton, 52 percent to 42 percent.”

That’s got to hurt for Walker, who was once the presidential favorite in Wisconsin and heavily-supported by Charles and David Koch. During the first half of 2015, Walker was considered to be the obvious pick for the Republican nod. However, his campaign is derailing, as well as his hopes of becoming president.

Walker has raised close to $26 million in political contributions, but the Republicans outspent the Democrats for the last two general elections and still lost. That’s more proof that money can’t buy elections. There is still a lot of time left in the race, but there’s something about Walker that screams “I’d be a terrible president!”