Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a rally at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama on Friday, reported the Huffington Post. At 20,000 attendees, it was the largest rally held by a GOP candidate. It should come as no surprise that Trump’s biggest crowd was in Alabama.

“I think he appeals to us Southerners because he tells it like it is and he has strong opinions,” said Savannah Zimmerman, a 27-year-old registered nurse from Mobile. “That is the way we are here in the South.”

“Telling like it is” is a redneck way of saying, “he’s an obnoxious mouth-breather, just like us!”

Leading up to the Mobile rally, Trump boasted that this rally was going to bring in 50,000 people and decided to hold it at a dilapidated stadium reserved for low-tier college football bowl games. The stadium seats 40,000. Albeit it was the largest GOP rally so far this election season, it wasn’t the largest rally overall this season. That title still belongs to Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Viewers and attendees pointed out on Twitter that Trump’s mega rally wasn’t that great after all.