In all honesty, it’s an adults world. It’s full of hard truths, difficulty, hardship, and pressure. Kids don’t see the world that way. One may call it naive, but it’s actually refreshing to know that there’s another perspective that even adults can embrace.

The Huffington Post caught up with some young kids who talked about all the good people in the world.

Aubrey, 4


“People have love in their hearts,” said Aubrey. “They give you presents and are nice and kind. And their hearts are filled with so much love!”


Fitz, 3


“They kiss you and hug you and give you surprises. Good people love you,” Fitz says. “They love the whole world. It helps them. And it makes our city beautiful.”


Sydney, 5


“She [Cinderella] was always being nice and kind and doing good stuff even when those sisters were mean. And the Fairy Godmother was good, she used her magic for good,” she says.

“It doesn’t matter what you look like, you can be good,” Sydney says. “And it doesn’t matter what someone else looks like, ‘cause you can be good to them.”


Liam, 4


“People are good because they do good things,” Liam says. “They eat good food. They do good stuff like play basketball, baseball, soccer and tennis.”

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