Catching up to the 21st century, the Mormon church has appointed women to three high-level council positions within the church, reported the Boston Globe. These positions are usually held by men.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days announced the appointments of Linda K. Burton (president of the faith’s largest organization for women, called the Relief Society), Rosemary Wixom, (president of a branch dedicated to teaching children called General Primary), and Bonnie L. Oscarson, who leads the Young Women’s organization on Thursday night.

A regressive, male-dominated religion, the Mormon church is still behind, but has made some small progress. Women still can’t hold position in the clergy. “It’s a way of saying women are important, but we are not going to make women members of the priesthood,” said Jan Shipps, a retired religion professor. Some powerful religious women praise the move, but note that the Mormon needs to do more.

“Sometimes it’s a little hard to get enthusiastic for baby steps that Mormon feminists have been advocating for quite some time,” said Mary Ellen Robertson, a representative of a prominent women’s group called Ordain Women. “One is a good first step, but why not have an equal number of men and women on these councils?”

Having an equal amount of men and women would be real progress, as well as having women in the clergy. The Mormon faith is in more need of progress than most other mainstream religions.