On Thursday, activist and philosopher Cornel West spoke on CNN about the news regarding Jimmy Carter. West said that America would be far better served by the spirit of Jimmy Carter than that of Donald Trump.

“Juxtapose Jimmy Carter with our dear brother Donald Trump,” said West. “A lot of authenticity with Donald Trump – I love it – [but he has] no real integrity, no real sensitivity to Mexican brothers and sisters and others.”

“We need a national atmosphere of the spirit Jimmy Carter that says, ‘I could be wrong but I’m concerned about the least of these,'” West said. “We’ve got to insure that the most powerful are rendered accountable. Jimmy Carter had the courage to do that even in the Middle East. Escalating anti-Semitism in the world, but also a very ugly Israeli occupation. How do you walk that tightrope? We don’t have leaders like that.”

“[Trump] recognizes the game was rigged in terms of the 30 years he participated as a donor, but if he loves his country, well, for 30 years you participated in the rigging of the game,” said West. “Where is the integrity? That’s what Jimmy Carter is about.”