Raw Story has posted the details of the top 20 biggest sex hypocrites within the Religious Right’s movement that have been exposed to date. Of course, it seems every day that more are being discovered as frauds so the list obviously will be difficult to keep up.

Below are the twenty hypocrites that Raw Story has included in the Hall of Shame as of this time:

  • Bob Allen
  • Bob Livingston
  • David Vitter
  • Henry Hyde
  • James West
  • Jim Bakker
  • Jimmy Swaggart
  • John Ensign
  • Larry Craig
  • Laura Schlessinger
  • Lou Beres
  • Mark Foley
  • Mark Sanford
  • Michael D. Duvall
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Rev. Michael Hintz
  • Roy Ashburn
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Ted Haggard
  • Tony Alamo

To read the details of each of the above hypocrites, click on Alex Henderson’s story titled: Meet the religious right’s 20 biggest sex hypocrites