Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) announced that if enough people ask him to resign, he’d happily do so, reported RawStory. Considering how much he is hated in Maine, it looks like LePage should start looking for another job.

In the face of impeachment proceedings, LePage said he’ll only serve as Maine’s governor as long as the people want him to. “If the people of Maine want me, I’ll do the job,” said LePage. “If they don’t want me, just ask me to leave. You don’t have to impeach me.”

LePage is an outspoken Tea Party knucklehead with a habit of speaking and acting before thinking. He’s criticized members of the general public, attacked his political opponents with homophobic remarks, and “joked about having his critics shot.” LePage is also terrible at his job as governor.

He forgot to veto 65 laws passed by the state legislature that he fought heavily aginst, and they became law. He challenged his mistake in court, but the state’s highest judicial branch ruled he was a moron and out-of-luck. The legislation he hated were law. Good for Maine Democrats and the people, but embarrassing for LePage.

Below is the contact information for Gov. LePage Here’s a link to send a direct message to his office. Ring of Fire encourages everyone in Maine to contact and tell His Incompetency to step down.


Office of the Governor

#1 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0001



Toll-free: 1-855-721-5203

TTY: Maine relay 711 (for Deaf and hard of hearing)