George Zimmerman, the man who killed unarmed Trayvon Martin, is the biggest waste of oxygen ever, and he’s now selling paintings of Confederate flags to benefit a friend who runs a “Muslim-free” gun store, reported the Huffington Post.

Prints of Zimmerman’s terrible paintings are for sale at Florida Gun Supply in Inverness, Florida. Andy Hallinan, the store’s owner, declared his shop a “Muslim-free” zone and is selling Zimmerman’s trashy artwork for $50 each. Sadly, there are surely some idiots out there who are buying these things.

According to the store’s website, Zimmerman wanted to paint an American flag, but painted the Confederate flag instead because of a lawsuit filed against Hallinan by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The very basic, middle-school level painting, contains the words “The 2nd Amendment protects our 1st.”

The money raised by selling the paintings will help fund Hallinan’s legal defense against the lawsuit, which is estimated to cost $100,000. Not only will it fund the defense, but it’s intended to cover “living expenses and advancing their mission to change the country.”

Like many others who are ignorant of the flag’s history and meaning, Zimmerman and Hallinan, who banned Muslims from his store, still say the Confederate flag isn’t racist.