New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate, Chris Christie, stood by his hate of teachers unions, reported CBS News. He famously stated that the unions should be “punched in the face”, and he has doubled down on that sentiment by saying the eradication of them would be “nirvana.”

A pending case in the Supreme Court could make teachers’ unions “largely go away,” said Christie at an education summit in New Hampshire. “That would be a good thing for education in this country, no doubt,” he added.

Earlier this month, Gov. Christie said that teachers’ unions deserve a “political punch in the face . . . because that’s what they do to us.” Christie, an enemy of labor rights, stated that they spend lots of money to attack his anti-union agenda.

This past June, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association to decide whether or not teachers should pay fees to a union, regardless of their membership status. It’s obvious what decision Christie is hoping for.