In a 4-3 vote, members of the Perry County District School Board in Perryville, Missouri favored placing sanctions on board member Mark Gremaud for making an inappropriate comment about a female board member, Kathy Carron.

“Kathy, you are just a woman, the only thing you know is laying on your back with your legs in the air splayed,” said Gremaud.

What’s shocking is that several people actually showed support for Gremaud.

“I’m not saying Mark Gremaud is the perfect board member, I’m not saying I’m one either,” said male board member Jeff Weilbrecht. “I do ask that the rest of us stop and put our petty differences aside once and act like adults and accept that we have differences.”

That argument wasn’t enough to save Gremaud. The board has requested Gremaud’s resignation.

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