Word of Scott Walker has reached Iowa, and they don’t like what they’ve heard. Speaking on Monday at the Iowa State Fair, Walker was constantly berated, heckled, jeered and booed. Walker attempted to capitalize on the negativity.

“I am not intimidated by you, sir, or anyone out there,” Walker said, pointing to someone in the crowd. “This is what happened in Wisconsin. We Will not back down, we will do what is necessary.”

Major news outlets have reported that the crowd became violent at times as scuffles broke out between Walker supporters and Walker protesters.

One sign read, “WARNING: don’t let Scott Walker do to America what he did to Wisconsin.” The crowd physically accosted anti-Walker demonstrators.

From CNN:

As Walker supporters tussled with the union protesters and tore the posters, the protesters pulled out new posters. Matthew Desmond of the political website Addictinginfo.org was one who had his anti-Walker sign town.

“I got pushed into a disabled woman,” Desmond said in an interview with CNN. “I fell on her wheelchair. She started screaming at me.”

Speaking to reporters after the event, Walker attempted to explain the behavior of the crowd in a positive light.

“I think you’ll see the same thing in America. Early on if you’re going to push real reform, if you’re going to challenge the status quo, there are always going to be people in both parties who don’t like people who challenge the status quo,” said Walker. “If given the chance to be President of the United States I want not just to talk about fighting. I’ll fight to challenge the status quo in Washington, I will win that fight, we will get results and we’ll do it ultimately without compromise.”