In this segment of the David Pakman Show, Pakman discussed the upcoming trial involving DuPont and its product, Teflon. Ring of Fire host and America’s Lawyer Mike Papantonio is the lead counsel against DuPont.

Several documents and studies suggest that DuPont knowingly used toxic chemicals in the production of Teflon, which is commonly used in non-stick cookware. What’s worse, DuPont knows how to produce Teflon without using perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), or C-8, as DuPont calls it, but has refused to do so.

“DuPont has known since at least 1996 how to produce Teflon without using this toxic chemical, but it instead just boosted production – and pollution,” said Dr. Kristina Thayer, Senior Scientist at Environmental Working Group. “It’s an outrageous pattern of behavior that has resulted in the further contamination of the blood of practically every American.”

Despite several documents and studies suggesting DuPont’s use of dangerous chemicals, the company hasn’t admitted to any wrongdoing regarding Teflon.

David Pakman will be following the trial.