An unidentified man shot himself Tuesday while guarding the Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gear store. According to local news reports, the man dropped his gun, the gun discharged and the bullet hit the man in the arm.

The armed group of citizens and veterans decided to stand guard over the gun store after the owners reported they had received death threats from ‘all over the world’ following putting up a sign that said Muslims weren’t welcome.

“I saw several of those gentlemen out there yesterday,” said Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson. “The way they were holding their weapons, with the fingers on the triggers, you can tell a couple of these gentlemen have no idea about weapons safety. It’s like the Clampetts have come to town.”

“Everybody is entitled to say what they feel, and the other people are entitled to tell them how they feel about their opinion. When that gets out of control, that’s where we come in. The only thing that I ask, if they are true patriots, that when the threats do come or the undesirables do show up, call us and allow us to handle it,” the sheriff said.