Former employees of Carly Fiorina have now confirmed what the public has long-suspected: she’s a tyrannical boss, reported Addicting Info

Reuters interviewed 30 of Fiorina’s former campaign staffers from 2010. Twelve of them said they would refuse to work for her again no matter what the circumstance. Reportedly, Fiorina never even paid her staff, even though her net worth is at least $60 million. “I’d rather go to Iraq than work for Carly Fiorina again,” said an anonymous, former high-level staffer.

AI noted that although it’s unusual for someone as rich as Fiorina to be in campaign debt, sometimes a candidate will run just to remove themselves from financial ruin. “Maybe that’s what she’s doing,” reported AI.

Ring of Fire Radio reported that Fiorina isn’t the success story she’s made herself out to be. The candidate said Hewlett Packard doubled its revenue while she was CEO. The increase in profits had nothing to do with the actual business itself. HP had simply absorbed other companies and claimed that revenue as its own. She also fired 30,000 HP employees.

She’s only out to make a quick dollar, and will step on anyone that she perceives to be in her way. A blogger who worked for Fiorina stated that she is “an asshole of magnificent proportions . . . pathologically unable to give a shit about anything but herself.”   

Fiorina is a certified corporate sociopath. She underpays her employees, treats them disrespectfully, and takes credit for their hard work. This isn’t the type of person anyone should look up to, let alone support to become president.